UPDATE:  As of 5/17/15, in cooperation with partner churches, $45,000 has been given for the EBS van.  In addition, $7,000 over and above has been provided to be set aside for a transportation and maintenance account.  Thanks be to God!


Going Where He’s Going…Together
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(Posted on 2/24/15)

Emmaus Biblical Seminary – Toyota Hiace Funding Proposal

With 5 visiting work and ministry teams a year, 4-6 visiting professors two months a year, a growing missionary team, and student outreach activities, Emmaus continues to have a major need for a vehicle that can transport more than 5 people at once.

For additional information on this project, please click HERE.

If you are interested in contributing, click HERE to give on-line.  (Follow the instructions and enter the amount you wish to give in the Haiti Van Fund spot.)