Disciple I – Whole Bible

Congratulations! You have just taken the first step in deciding to attend the Disciple program. I would like to provide you a little more information to assist you in making this commitment. Yes, it is an adult bible study that meets once a week but here are some of the specifics. Level I of the Disciple program is the longest of the 4 levels. It meets for 34 weeks as opposed to 32 like the other 3 levels. It also requires the largest commitment of time each week reading the assigned material (approximately 4 hours). Over the course of the 34 weeks, you will cover approximately 70% of the Bible. This is no small accomplishment, seeing how lofty a goal it is to read the whole bible in 52 weeks.

Disciple I is also a survey style course introducing you to a great many theological concepts. The course utilizes a study manual, video segments, your Bible group discussion & instruction. All of this is designed to help you understand what a life as a disciple of Jesus Christ looks like. Each week you will be assigned numerous chapters that coincide with the theme for that week. You will see how each of the daily reading relates to the overall theme. The course follows a basic time line from Genesis to Revelations. Some of the key lessons revolve around the following: Creation, Original sin, God’s relationship & covenant with Israel, Israel’s relationship with God, The role of the prophets, The history & backsliding of Israel, The gospels, Jesus as our personal savior, The new covenant, The early church, & our role as disciples.

Make no doubt about it, this class requires a commitment of your time but the rewards you will receive in studying and learning God’s living word are great. You will grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ. You will understand more deeply your salvation and God’s plan for your life and you will be enriched by the friendship and fellowship of your fellow classmates.

As with any decision, I ask that you pray for guidance & we look forward to seeing you in class.