Foreign Missions

Ministry Coordinator:  Kristen Raine

Sharptown supports missions through its gifts and prayers.  Below are those we’ve partnered with.

Victor Barbella (New Life and Peace Ministries)
Victor serves Jesus in Guatemala.  He and his late wife, Chici, established a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to minister to men with addictions.  In addition, they are responsible for Rehoboth Boy’s Home which ministers to street children.

Karuna Ghar Ministry (Nepal)
Karuna Ghar is a ministry to children in Nepal, started by Silas and Kim West.  Gautam and Rekha Rai are the parents of this family of girls.  Karuna Ghar (Home of Compassion) provides a hope-filled future for girls from backgrounds of abuse and neglect.  The Rai’s currently have twelve children.

Dan and Katy Beth Searls (World Gospel Mission)
Dan and Katy Beth work with World Gospel Mission in serving Jesus Christ in Hungary.  They are advancing the church as they teach English and host Bible Studies in their home.  Dan is also Staff Director for summer camps for Hungarian youth.  They have four daughters; Susannah, Sadie, Annie and Abby.

Skip and Rosie Kite (Eternal Impact Ministries)
Skip Kite serves Jesus through children’s evangelism, drama, teaching, and training.  He and his family attend Sharptown Church and we are recipients of Skip’s ministry in a number of ways.  Skip and Rosie have three children:  Amanda, Caleb, and Jessie.

W and V
(Names are not given due to security and safety precautions.) (Wycliffe Bible Translators)
W and V are serving in West Asia and have been global missionary partners of Sharptown Church for many years. They engage in Biblical translation, church leader training and evangelism.

Denny and Michelle Craker (World Gospel Mission)

The Craker family serve in Taiwan and throughout Asia. They are responsible for training “nationals” who have a call to ministry and building up the local churches by providing education and conferences for native  pastors. Their family includes three daughters (Stephanie, Jennifer and Heather) their spouses and a grandson.

Andy and Lizet Bowen (World Gospel Mission)

Andy and Lizet Bowen serve with World Gospel Mission in Paraguay.  Andy serves at the Guarani-Jopara Institute for Missionaries where he teaches missionaries the Guarani language and Paraguayan culture.  Andy and Lizet have three sons:  Lucas, Timothy and Joe.

Delanco Camp
Delanco Camp is located in Tabernacle, NJ—right in the middle of the Pine Barrens.  Delanco is a setting for  retreats as well as hosting several weeks of camp in the summer for youth in 4th grade through 12th grade.  Pastor Mike is on the Board of Directors of Delanco and several of our youth attend camp during the summer.

Billy and Joanna Coppedge (World Gospel Mission)

Billy and Joanna Coppedge serve Jesus Christ in Uganda, East Africa.  Billy serves to train local Ugandan pastors for the proclamation of the Gospel and the advancement of the church.  Billy and Joanna have five children:  Elsie, Lucy, Sophia, Chloe and Blake.

Quinta Betel (Logos Foundation)

This past year, Walter Hill Sr. and Walter Hill Jr. have introduced Sharptown Church to Quinta Betel, an orphanage and school for children in Argentina.  Sharptown is partnering with this ministry for the health, care,  and  education of children in Argentina.

Emmaus Biblical Seminary (Haiti)
Funds will support one student for one year of seminary training.  These funds help shape the spiritual life of an island and support ministry in a local Haitian Church.