Ministry Coordinator: Dawn Jeffers

Meeting Time: Every Sunday, 10:00-11:00 a.m.

Want to know what your kids learned this week? Check out your child’s take home page.

Sharptown has an excellent Sunday school program. Children meet in age-specific classes with a consistent teacher. This promotes the building of trusting relationships between the students and the teacher. Diligent attention is given to Bible content, knowledge, and memorization. We are currently working our way through the Gospel Project. We also provide a missions time during each week where we focus on learning about our different missionaries.

Classes Teachers Room Location
PK 2’s & 3’s Nursery Team Blue Room
PK 4’s & 5’s Nancy Galey Green Room
1st Grade Kristi Baese Red Room
2nd Grade Nancy Gregory Purple Room
3rd & 4th Grade Jackie Smith White Room
5th-6th Kimberly Gerace Orange Room
7th/8th Grades Al Hash Youth Room
9th-12th Grades Barry Jeffers Youth Room