SPIN (5th & 6th Grades) – Spring 2022

Ministry Coordinator: Dawn Jeffers

Grades for Summer:  5th & 6th graders

Meeting Time:  Wednesdays, 6-8 pm

On May 25th we begin a new series called Summer in the Psalms.

We invite your 5th and 6th graders to join us for this new series. Have you ever felt fear? What about loneliness? Frustration? Hope? If so, you will really like Bible book of Psalms. The Psalms are prayers written by real people (usually in the form of a poem or a song) going through real issues (some good, some bad). As we study the Psalms together, we hope you’ll find passages you can turn to throughout your life to help give voice to your feelings.

SPIN is Sharptown’s Youth Group specifically for 5th and 6th grade students. The name SPIN represents the idea that we desire our kids to spin their lives away from the ways of the world and toward the things of Jesus.

Spin begins in the worship center and ends in the educational trailers. Weekly program includes a time of ‘forced fun’ team-building activities, worship, Bible lesson and games! 

It is our desire that this program provides pre-teens with a place where they experience acceptance and unconditional love. Our motto is … We are family, and we truly believe that these kids are a family united by their belief in Christ!

The SPIN team includes Dawn Jeffers, Robyn Pankok, Tim Pankok, Marc Plum, Abby Strawderman, Kaleb Gerace & Katelyn Tighe.