Bible on the Brain

BIble on Brain Guy for North Bulletin Board


Bible on the Brain

Memorization Challenge

The Bible on the Brain Program serves to:

Access what our children already know.

Encourage them to learn more and place God’s word in their hearts.

Give them a confidence in their Bible knowledge.

All kids (and grown-ups can participate)!  Get started today.





  1. Click here for a list of ‘what to learn’.  Age 3-K, Grades 1-6
  2. Spend time in the Bible to find answers and commit them to memory.
  3. Recite to any Sunday school, GodSquad or Graceland teacher to receive credit.  (Credit includes a check on your bookmark, a label on the Brainiac Board, a Brainiac sticker to wear for the day and your named looked into our aspiring Bible Brainiac Book!
  4. There is a lot to choose from – learn in any order at any time.