Ministry Coordinator(s): Angie Jirik, Kristen Raine

godsquadlogo2God Squad Resumes on 3/22 and meets each Wednesday through 4/12 (4 weeks).

6-8 pm @ Sharptown Church

All children ages 5 to 4th Grade are welcome to attend.

Nursery (age 3 & younger) and PK 4’s/5’s class available ONLY for parent(s) attending a Wednesday night Small Group.

God Squad is our children’s midweek program. Drop off your kiddos for an evening of fun!

We have songs, games, crafts, mission projects and, of course, amazing Bible lessons.

This session Buck Denver will be taking us on a journey through the whole Bible! That’s right, the whole Bible in just 4 weeks! We will go from Genesis to Revelation to discover the BIG story of the Buck DenverBible, GOD’S great rescue plan and what it means for you TODAY!

WEEK 1:  The Bible… What is it? Who wrote it? Why are there 66 books?

WEEK 2:  Why do we need the Old Testament?

WEEK 3:  Why do we need the New Testament?

WEEK 4:  What is a Christian? What does it really mean to be a Christian?

You don’t want to miss the fun! Join us to discover…..”WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE!”

If your child attended the 2017 Winter Session, register HERE and just provide your child’s name.

If your child did not attend the 2017 Winter Session, register HERE and provide information requested.

Questions?  Email Angie or call the office (769-4716).